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What is Alpha AI?
What is Alpha AI?
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Alpha Ai is a predictive algorithm. Utilizing a multitude of data points, it attempts to predict when momentum in a stock is going to pick up in the near term. Throughout the day, it generates signals(trade ideas). 

Long Signal: Alpha Ai is predicting momentum will increase to the upside.
Short Signal: Alpha Ai is predicting momentum will increase to the downside.
Hedge Signal: Alpha Ai is predicting an increase in volatility in the near-term.

When are signals generated?
ignals will only occur during market hours. 

How long do the signals last?
Signals generated average 1-5 days in duration. We recommend noting the expiration dates of the option flow that is active on the day of the alert for the given symbol.

What is the best time-frame to use on a chart for the signals?
The 1 hour, 2 hour and daily time-frames.

Does Alpha Ai tell you when a signal is no longer in effect?
At the moment, it does not. A signal should simply draw attention to the symbol mentioned. Risk management and targets are up to the individual trader. In a future release, we plan to expand on this.

What is a good target for the signals?
Our system doesn't provide targets at the moment. We suggest using resistance levels as targets, Fibonacci levels, or pivot points.

How many signals are generated per day?
This will vary greatly depending on market conditions. Some days there may be 3 or more signals generated. Some days there may not be any.

What is Ref?
Ref is reference price. The price of the stock when the signal was generated.

Is there a way to gauge when a signal has failed?
A 2% move up or down in the opposing direction of the signal would be considered a failed signal for a stock, or 1% for an ETF.

What does it mean when a symbol is signaled both long and short?
Although this is not a common occurrence, it does happen from time to time. This does not mean it's signaling for both directions. The latest signal cancels out any prior signal as its based off of the most recent data available. 

How can I see the time a signal was alerted?
If you place your mouse cursor above the date of the alert,  the time will be displayed in eastern time. 


Footnote: FlowAlgo Alpha AI is currently in beta. Alpha Ai is constantly learning and adapting to market conditions. Currently only a handful of stocks are supported. Over time, more symbols will be added. Alpha Ai signals are not investment recommendations. Alpha Ai is for idea generation only. 


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